About Us

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful
SOHO Hair Fashion Canada’s mission is to enhance the natural beauty of women of all ages with our products to help them look and feel their best whether they dress for casual, business or in elegance attire. We provide a variety of Premium Luxury Hair extension products & Hair Jewelry for women of all ages. Through personal fittings and demonstration by our Los Angeles Fashion District factory trained staff, we focus on ensuring every woman “Looks Beautiful & Feels Beautiful” naturally increasing their confidence. We offer many Jewelry designs & colors for brides & wedding parties, graduates, business women, and casual everyday looks. SOHO Hair Fashion Canada offers a variety of high-quality human/synthetic hair products that will add length, volume, or thickness to your hair. Finish your looks off with a few… or a lot of our beautiful Swarovski hair crystals that will complete any outfit, day or night!
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