Rena – Curly Up Do Extension (2 Pieces In Set)


#3 Copper
#4 Ash Blonde
#5 Dark Golden Brown
#7 Medium Reddish Brown
#8 Dark Brown
#9 Red
#11 Jet Black
#12 Platinum Blonde
#13 Medium Ash Brown
#14 Chestnut
#15 Golden Natural Blonde
#18 Burgundy Reddish
#22 Bronzed Brown


Rena is our most popular Curly Up Do piece! Rena is sold as a set of 2 Pieces. This piece is perfect for creating a large volumous curly Up Do in just seconds for an everyday look or a special occasion! To use this piece simply put your hair in a bun, take one piece and cross the wires over into an “x” shape, insert this piece directly underneath your Bun and loosely cross the wires upwards. Next take your second piece and repeat the first step making an “x” with the wires. This time place this comb on top of your Bun locking it in place with the first comb to keep it secure, then once again loosely wrap the ends of the wires in an upward motion. To make the Bun smaller simply put both hands around and squish the wires together. For a more casual look or “messy bun look” try our sister piece Tiffany! Model is wearing Color #8. HAIR COLOR CHART IS ORIGINAL COLOR.

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